Advancing the future of

Renewable Natural Gas

21st Century Energy Innovation


Conserving resources, upcycling waste and protecting natural ecosystems


Sevana Bioenergy develops, designs, owns and operates large-scale anaerobic digestion projects which produce renewable natural gas and organic based soil amendments.

Using state-of-the-art European technology, engineering, and design, we are advancing the future of biogas energy production in the United States.  Biogas projects reduce waste, increase the use of renewable energy and reduce long-term greenhouse gas emission.

Our mission is to be a market leader in accelerating the production of renewable natural gas derived from anaerobic digestion facilities in North America.


Our Values

Our projects are designed in close association with local partners to ensure that they add value to existing agricultural businesses, comply with local land uses and meet community needs. Our plants are typically sited in rural agricultural areas where organic waste streams are produced.

Our company is built around our core principals of safety, integrity, community partnerships, teamwork, equal opportunity, sustainability and regenerative economic development.

Waste Management Solution

Harvesting the energy of organic waste materials is key to creating a sustainable agriculture industry

Anaerobic digestion is a well-proven technology used at thousands of facilities worldwide. It is an advanced method of recycling organic waste that is reliable, cost-effective, and highly efficient.

Building relationships

Achieving mutual economic, social and environmental goals

Our facilities create new business opportunities for existing agricultural operations while transforming underutilized organic waste into multiple “green” products.

The conversion of organic waste into renewable energy and other nutrient rich soil amendments enables Sevana Bioenergy to establish sustainable business relationships within a rural community.

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